We have some commands that you should learn before you play on our servers. Commands can be used in the servers general chat (Default: “Y” key).

Key List

“R” key (bind R +reload): When you have the “Impact Mode Grenades” upgrade, hold a grenade in your hand (Flashbang/HE Grenade) and press the key to toggle Impact Mode.
“F” key (bind F +lookatweapon): Use this to toggle Noclip when you’re in Ghost Mode.


!unstuck – Use this command if you’re stuck in a bunnyhop, bunnyhop trampoline, delayed bunnyhop. Then you will get unstuck for 3 seconds.
!xp – Open the XP menu.
!lvl – Open a menu with ranks, experience points, etc.
!rank – Show your XP place (Sorted by the amount of kills).
!raffle XP – Raffle between 10-500 XP and get 40% chance to win the amount of XP.
!trade XP – Open a menu to send XP to another player (20% fee will be taken from the amount)
!rules – See the Server Rules.
!ghost – Spawn as a Ghost (or “Re-spawn” as a Ghost if you are already in this Mode).
!unghost – Spectate your team instead of being a Ghost.
!nominate – Nominate a map for the next map vote.
!rtv – Vote to start “Rock The Vote” (Map change vote).
!stats – See your own jump stats.
!jumptop – Open a menu for KZ Jumpstats top lists.
!time Player – See how much time a player have spent on the server.
!time – See how much time you have spent on the server.
!ws – Open the menu for Weapon Skins (Choose skins for your weapons and knives).

Commands (For Steam Group members)

!knife – Open the knife menu to choose a knife (‘bayonet’, ‘m9 bayonet’, ‘karambit’, etc)
!gloves – Open a menu to change your gloves in-game. (Paused)

Commands (For VIP players)

!vip – Open the VIP menu. You can also open it through the XP menu.
!trail – Open the Trail menu.
!aura – Open the Aura menu.

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